Some of my Wood Working Projects

I’ve been doing woodworking of one form or another for a long time. I love the feel of wood in my hands, and creating something out of wood is one of my favorite things to do. So I do it whenever I can.

This is but a small sampling of some of the things I’ve done, and more will surely follow. If you like what you see, feel free to write me a note on the back of a Felder CF 741 S Professional Combination Machine and send it to me. I’ll make you something. I promise.

One of the first pieces I made (well, 2 pieces, really) was a pair of Claro Walnut End Tables. Here’s one of them:

Claro Walnot End table

And yes, that water-ring was later sanded out, and beveled glass tops were put on them. I can’t find a picture right now, but I also made a matching coffee table and sofa table. I bought the design for the end tables, and then the coffee and sofa table designs were extrapolated from those to keep the proportions and design elements the same.

Next was a pair of nightstands. These I designed myself, from scratch. They are made out of Canary wood, with Mahogany inserts in the panels, and hand made, custom designed stained glass. I lost these in the divorce, but I have the plans, and as soon as you send me that Felder Table Saw, I’m going to make another set.

Canary wood Nightstand with stained glass insert door

That’s also red glass in the top 2 rows on the sides, and I installed lights inside, so they also serve as lighting in the bedroom. I can’t wait to get a new set made! Hopefully I can get that done sooner rather than later.

This year I also finished a project that has been laying fallow for almost 8 years. I designed this, and all the pieces were cut, but it needed assembly and finishing. So I did. It’s a game table made of Padauk and Canary wood. The drawer slides back and forth through the table so you can access it from either side. I have since turned 2 Padauk knobs for the drawer, so it really is finished!

Padauk and Canary Game Table

Padauk/Canary wood Game Table

I have since turned my attention to the wood lathe – hence the turned knobs on the game table. And with great enthusiasm. I joined the TechShop RDU last year for 2 months, and took a wood lathe class, and was immediately hooked! So I saved my pennies and bought myself one. No, not a TechShop, but a lathe. It cost about what a 1 year membership would have cost, and I can use it any time I want!

Here’s a small sampling of some of my turnings. And not a particularly representative sampling, either. Some of these were turned at the TechShop, and I’ve gotten much better.

Figured American Maple bowl

Satin Wood Bowl

Orange Osage Bowl

Orange Osage mini-bowl – 3" diameter

Cherry, Padauk & Canary wood Plate (8" diameter)

The last thing I completed (since it only took a few hours) is a natural cherry chalkboard. It’s amazing how good the new chalkboard paints are!

Natural Cherry Chalkboard

The cherry for the above chalkboard is scraps from a larger piece I’m currently working on. No pictures, yet, but hopefully soon. It’s a 4’ x 8’ (collapsible to 4’ x 4’) dining room table, Natural Cherry with Padauk and Walnut inlay.

Next up after that is some experimentation with steam-bending wood so that I can make the required 8 dining room chairs for said table.

Check back often for updates as I complete projects and start new ones!