You may recall that at one point a year ago I posted a picture of my “Big Board of IoT Development”. I had a half dozen or so IoT development nodes and some sensors on it that I was working on. Since then, things have gotten significantly worse – or better, depending on your point of view. So I thought I’d drop another picture on you. 

IoT 1{width=“600” height=“450”}

So obviously I can’t use all those boards on the giant breadboard. And not pictured are the Intel Edison, TI STM32F, and a couple of others. The unlabelled workhorse FT232H board in the middle is pretty much required for most things, I’ve found. Couldn’t get along with it! Especially useful after I ported the SPI Library for it to Mac OS X. 

The one’s I’m actively developing on is of course a smaller subset. I’m actually doing active development on the Samsung ARTIK-520 (well, it’s serving as my OpenHAB server for automating all the other IoT devices in my house), the nRF52 board, the Arduino Primo, the Feather 32uf FONA and the Raspberry Pi Zero W. 

I’m teaching the Pixy Camera module to do facial recognition and to find and recognize a license plate on a car (with a really nifty little 2-servo pan-and-tilt mount I found),  and to do some ultrasonic range finding and light detection. So yeah, I’m busy.