Doing some further work with my trusty ARTIK-520 (hey, when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail! Back up off me! ) I decided to try installing another IoT Gateway framework on it. (I’ve done that before.) Equal opportunity and all that. And I’ll be doing more of them as soon as I get more mini-SD Cards in-house. But I digress.

I originally just followed the basic install instructions for deploying a Edge server. But that didn’t work. No fault of, to be sure. And really no fault of the ARTIK-520. But here’s my new rule:

Do Not Compile/build On ARTIK-520

It just doesn’t ever end well. It may be a pain to set up a cross-compiler on your architecture, but you only have to do that once (and lucky me I already had the ARM compiler toolchain installed and working from working on MyNewt. But you won’t even need a compiler for edge. It’s all JavaScript, so it’s pretty easy.


Once you’ve got the wad on your laptop (or whatever) and all the prerequisites, just build it according to the instructions. Don’t actually run it from your laptop though. Once I had it built, I just ran:

DSimmons-Pro:~ dsimmons$ tar czf droplit.tgz

And then used sftp to copy the compressed tar file over to the ARTIK-520, un-compress/tar it and then:

[root@localhost ~]# export DEBUG=droplit:*
[root@localhost ~]# cd
[root@localhost]# node droplit-edge
droplit:router using setting host: wss:// +0ms
droplit:router using setting ecosystem: C58c71404f57350103c9a8dda +19ms
droplit:router using setting edge id: 36:e8:d4:9e:f4:a6 +7ms
droplit:router load plugins +7ms
droplit:router droplit-plugin-philips-hue loaded +2s
droplit:router droplit-plugin-lifx loaded +85ms
droplit:router droplit-plugin-sonos loaded +2s
droplit:router droplit-plugin-wemo loaded +2s
droplit:transport-edge reconnecting... +4ms
droplit:transport-edge connected +805ms
droplit:router info < droplit-plugin-wemo:uuid:Socket-1_0-221631K0100D8A +6s
droplit:router info < droplit-plugin-wemo:uuid:Socket-1_0-221643K0101D76 +200ms
droplit:router id > uuid:Socket-1_0-221631K0100D8A -> 58da675822fea674dc071474 +62ms
droplit:router pc < uuid:Socket-1_0-221631K0100D8ABinarySwitch.switch off +59ms
droplit:router info < droplit-plugin-wemo:uuid:Lightswitch-1_0-221614K1300BE2 +181ms
droplit:router id > uuid:Socket-1_0-221643K0101D76 -> 58da675922fea674dc071475 +26ms
droplit:router pc < uuid:Socket-1_0-221643K0101D76BinarySwitch.switch off +24ms
droplit:router pc < uuid:Lightswitch-1_0-221614K1300BE2BinarySwitch.switch off +30ms
droplit:router id > uuid:Lightswitch-1_0-221614K1300BE2 -> 58da675922fea674dc071476 +130ms

I set the DEBUG property because I wanted to see what was actually going on behind the scenes (plus I was actually debugging a problem with the Droplit folks, who are awesome about helping out and super responsive!).

You’ll see that very quickly the Droplit-io edge server found the Wemo switches I have deployed in my house. Sweet! I then went to my developer portal and:


And there they are! And I have verified that I can indeed turn them on and off from here.

Now, if anyone wants to send me some Sonos gear, or some Philips HUE gear, that I can install here at home to test with this, I’d be happy to test that out.

I may see about creating some connectors to connect things like my MyNewt-based devices to the edge server, but that’s not going to happen today.


As usual, I have found the ARTIK-520 to be a fairly easy, and very versatile, IoT hub. This is my second gateway project with ARTIK-520 and, though I have run into some quirks each time, it’s basically pretty straight-forward to set up. Again, don’t try to build/compile on the ARTIK-520 unless you absolutely have to, and it’s a relatively small build. I’ve actually built Node.js from source on the ARTIK-520 a couple of times and it was slow, but relatively painless. is a fairly straightforward deployment target for ARTIK-520. As small as the actual ARTIK module is (aside from all the development board stuff) it would be a pretty attractive target for a ‘appliance’, though I’m not sure the price-point would hit a reasonable target for them.

As I said, I’d like to try my hand at building some connectors for other IoT devices for Droplit, and I’m certainly looking at some other gateways to build/deploy on this ARTIK-520 board. Stay tuned!