I can’t resist. I mean really. Who doesn’t need a big red button that you can program to … act like a big red button? But it’s so much more than just a button! I mean, a button is just something you push, right? This? This is so much more!

The bttn communicates with the powerful bt.tn servers in the cloud. They dispatch messages and actions to almost any internet services so that what you want gets done. When the Magic has happened the bt.tn servers notify your bttn that the deed is done.

Because what every Big Red Button needs is powerful servers in the cloud standing behind it! Makes me want to make one with a “Panic” sign on it. Or a big sign under it that says “Do NOT Press!” 

In all seriousness, I can think of some actual practical uses for this thing — assistive device for my son, a big red doorbell, etc. — but none that really rise to the level of requiring me to actually purchase one.

Doesn’t mean I don’t want to though!

Feel free to send me one though. http://bt.tn/