It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything new, and I apologize to anyone that follows along here and has missed my posting. I’ve been a bit busy lately with the MyNewt Operating System for IoT. It’s new, it’s cool, and it’s a lot of work right now. 

That being said, I thought I’d take a minute to show off some of the new hardware I have to add to the Big Board of IoT on my desk. I’ll start with some stuff I’ve been pounding away at lately with MyNewt OS. No cool unboxing porn for you, as it’s all in heavy use right now.

First we have the trusty STMicro STM32F3DISCOVERY board. Cortex M3 MCU with a bunch of LEDs on the board but no built-in networking. No BLE, no WiFi, nothing. 

IMG 2657

Next, the one I’ve been working on the most lately, is the Nordic Semi NRF52DK Development Board. This one has BLE built in, and I’ve been doing Bluetooth testing etc. with it. Very capable little board and the Nordic NRF52 is a near-ubiquitous IoT workhorse. 

IMG 2658

You can see that the LED is lit on that one, and it’s wired up since it’s the one I’m currently using. 

Next up is this Arduino M0 Pro. Another Cortex M0-based board, but again, without a radio. 

IMG 2656

And the one I haven’t gotten running yet, the Olimex STM32-e407.  As I said, I haven’t even powered this one on as I seem to have misplaced my JTAG programmer, and the new one just arrived about an hour ago. 

IMG 2655

But now for the real excitement!! I splurged a little and got myself a couple of Samsung ARTIK development kits. Now for these, I actually do have some unboxing porn, since they just arrived, and they came in these schwanky boxes. 

First the ARTIK 5:

IMG 2648

What did I say about the packaging? Sweet!

IMG 2649

It’s a box in a box! And there’s a bag in the box!

IMG 2650

That’s a big board! With lots of possibilities! Underneath there’s all sorts of cables and external antennas, etc. but I won’t bore you with pictures of that. Mostly because I want to get on to the next one.

The ARTIK 0. 

IMG 2652

Again with the fancy box! 

IMG 2653

But no anti-static bag? Huh? Tsk tsk Samsung! It really should be in a bag. Both pieces. This one is really quite exciting, so I put the module on the board and just HAD to power it up.

IMG 2654

The little display comes on and everything. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten with it. Hopefully I’ll have some free time soon to play with these new Samsung boards, but I have to get some Mynewt stuff finished first!