New Blog!

As the year draws to a close, I had this wild idea to revive my personal/professional blog. I have no idea why, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. So I rebuilt the template I had made years ago to go with my website and here we are!

Yes, I do occasionally blog for my job as a Technology Evangelist at Riverbed, but there are lots of other topics I’d like to blog about that don’t seem to be right for that venue, so I’ll put them here. I’m still interested in the Internet of Things, which I used to blog about almost incessantly when I was at Sun Labs (a moment of silence, please), traveling — which I do a lot of these days — and other topics of interest to me. For a list of things I’m interested in, feel free to see this list.

In reality, it could be anything. Being polite company, it won’t be politics or religion, but you can get that anywhere on the internet these days. The last thing the world needs is another place for that drivel. I have no idea how regularly I’ll post, but if there’s something you want to see me cover, feel free to contact me.