Things change. What’s that saying in Computer Science? “Variables won’t. Constants aren’t.” The only thing that never changes is that everything changes. And so things are (once again) changing for me. And I do mean in a good way!

It’s been a few years, and it’s taken a fair amount of effort, but I’m moving back into the space I know the best, and where my heart lies: The Internet of Things (IoT). Yes, I’ll have to update my Resume, and my Bio, because I’ve officially resigned my position at Riverbed. It was time.

So what am I going to do now? Well, funny you should ask! I’ve accepted a position as Chief Technology Evangelist at a very small company called PsiKick. That may make it sound like all I’ll be doing is IoT Evangelism, but in reality, since it’s a small company, I expect to be doing a lot more! We’re working on getting Dev Kits together, so if you’re interested … Anyway, you’ve probably never heard of them. I hadn’t either. But once I did, I was sort of blown away by what they’re doing.

If you’ve read anything else I’ve written here, especially the one about batteries, you’ll know that in the world of IoT, power is going to be a huge problem. In many ways it already is. Eliminating the need for batteries in IoT devices would be a huge win. And even if the battery isn’t eliminated, but the life span of that battery is greatly extended, that’s a win. Right? Right.

PsiKick is going to fundamentally change the very nature of IoT and IoT devices. It is going to alter how IoT devices are built, managed, and deployed because it is going to allow for long-lived devices in places where it was previously impossible to deploy a device. By powering itself from harvested energy, it can last virtually forever. That’s huge for embedded devices. Especially if that embedded device is, say, embedded in you to monitor your heart.

So stay tuned for more. Not sure if I’ll be blogging here, or if we’ll start a blog over at PsiKick itself, or maybe both. It’s a really (as in really really) small company of really smart, great people. I’m really looking forward to this adventure!