To say that I have widely varying interests would be an understatement. To attempt to categorize them would be nearly impossible. So here's a short list, in no particular order:

  • Dogs -- I own dogs, and work with a rescue organization to rescue, foster, and place dogs in need (I'm now the Vice President of the organization).
  • Cooking -- I cook and bake like a mad man. I make all my own jellies and jams, I bake all my own bread, tons of desserts, and just about anything else that strikes my fancy. I don't always need a recipe
  • Woodworking -- I make furniture when I have the time, and I also turn wood on a lathe, or at least I'll start again as soon as I get a new lathe! Now that I have a new lathe, I'm back at it!
  • Stained glass -- I'm back to stained glass! Right now mostly to go in furniture pieces I make.
  • Quilting -- yes, I'm a man that can sew. Both by hand and on a machine.
  • Skiing -- I've been skiing since I was about 3 or 4 and while I don't get to ski as much as I would like, I'll still do it any time I can!
  • Writing -- I like to write. I blog and write just for my own personal enjoyment.
  • Gym -- I will admit to being a gym-rat but only because I go every day
  • Photography -- I take lots of pictures of flowers, my kids and all sorts of other stuff .

So that's the list, for today. I reserve the right to add to it or subtract from it at any time, whether or not I actually update this list when I do so. There's a lot more, I just got bored with making a list.