Some of my Wood Working Projects

I've been doing woodworking of one form or another for a long time. I love the feel of wood in my hands, and creating something out of wood is one of my favorite things to do. So I do it whenever I can.

This is but a small sampling of some of the things I've done, and more will surely follow. If you like what you see, feel free to write me a note on the back of a Felder CF 741 S Professional Combination Machine and send it to me. I'll make you something. I promise.

One of the first pieces I made (well, 2 pieces, really) was a pair of Claro Walnut End Tables. Here's one of them:

Claro Walnut End Table

Claro Walnut End Table


And yes, that water-ring was later sanded out, and beveled glass tops were put on them. I can't find a picture right now, but I also made a matching coffee table and sofa table. I bought the design for the end tables, and then the coffee and sofa table designs were extrapolated from those to keep the proportions and design elements the same.


Next was a pair of nightstands. These I designed myself, from scratch. They are made out of Canary wood, with Mahogany inserts in the panels, and hand made, custom designed stained glass. I lost these in the divorce, but I have the plans, and as soon as you send me that Felder Table Saw, I'm going to make another set.


Canary Nightstand

Canary & Stained Glass Nightstand


That's also red glass in the top 2 rows on the sides, and I installed lights inside, so they also serve as lighting in the bedroom. I can't wait to get a new set made! Hopefully I can get that done sooner rather than later.


This year I also finished a project that has been laying fallow for almost 8 years. I designed this, and all the pieces were cut, but it needed assembly and finishing. So I did. It's a game table made of Padauk and Canary wood. The drawer slides back and forth through the table so you can access it from either side. I have since turned 2 Padauk knobs for the drawer, so it really is finished!

Padauk/Canary wood Game Table


Game Table 2

Padauk/Canary wood Game Table


I have since turned my attention to the wood lathe -- hence the turned knobs on the game table. And with great enthusiasm. I joined the TechShop RDU last year for 2 months, and took a wood lathe class, and was immediately hooked! So I saved my pennies and bought myself one. No, not a TechShop, but a lathe. It cost about what a 1 year membership would have cost, and I can use it any time I want!


Here's a small sampling of some of my turnings. And not a particularly representative sampling, either. Some of these were turned at the TechShop, and I've gotten much better.

Bowl 4

Figured American Maple. 

Bowl 3

Satin Wood Bowl

Bowl 2

Orange Osage Bowl

bowl 1

Orange Osage mini-bowl (3" diameter)

Cherry, Padauk & Canary wood Plate (8" diameter)

The last thing I completed (since it only took a few hours) is a natural cherry chalkboard. It's amazing how good the new chalkboard paints are!


Natural Cherry Chalkboard


The cherry for the above chalkboard is scraps from a larger piece I'm currently working on. No pictures, yet, but hopefully soon. It's a 4' x 8' (collapsible to 4' x 4') dining room table, Natural Cherry with Padauk and Walnut inlay.


Next up after that is some experimentation with steam-bending wood so that I can make the required 8 dining room chairs for said table.


Check back often for updates as I complete projects and start new ones!