Covisint  Originally founded in 2000 as an online auto parts exchange, Covisint saw a $500 million investment from General Motors, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Nissan, Renault, and Peugeot fall apart when the investors couldn’t agree on big decisions and the dot-com bubble burst. Today, Covisint’s main product is a cloud platform designed for the Internet of Things that enables the identification, authorization, and connection of complex networks. Their connected vehicle platform allows drivers to be connected to their vehicle, the manufacturer, dealership, third-party service providers, and social contacts all at once. Full and secure connectivity between the vehicle, its driver, and external networks is growing in demand and will eventually be a standard feature of autonomous cars.
Ottomatika Founded in 2013, Ottomatika is a spinout company from Carnegie Mellon University that specializes in software for self-driving cars. Purchased by Delphi Automotive, an auto parts manufacturing company based in the U.K., Ottomatika develops software for car automation including traffic jam assist, highway pilot, urban driving, and self-parking. They also offer a tool suite that aids developers in testing, debugging, diagnosing and integrating software for automated vehicles. In April an Audi G5 equipped with Ottomatika software and Delphi hardware traveled 3,400 miles from San Francisco to New York City with 99 percent of the trip fully automated.