Who I am: I am David G. Simmons. I am an Internet of Things (IoT) pioneer who has been working in the field for 15 years – no, that's not a typo. I am now the Head of Developer Relations at QuestDB. Previously I was the Senior Developer Advocate at Influx Data, a time-series database maker. If you're wondering how that's related to IoT, see this. Before that I was the Chief Technology Evangelist for PsiKick which is a (very) small startup in the IoT space developing extremely low-power IoT chips.

As Technology Evangelist for Riverbed Technologies. I ran the company's User Groups throughout North America, and some in Europe. Yes, I travel a lot, and I have the Frequent Flier Miles to prove it. I carried the message of Riverbed's transformation from a WAN Optimization company -- the best there is -- to a complete Performance Platform company enabling companies to transform their business by harnessing the power of virtualization, SaaS, and the cloud. There, I covered the Riverbed sales pitch.

Before that I was a researcher in the field of Wireless Sensor Networks. More specifically, I worked on the Sun SPOT Java-based Wireless Sensor Platform for Sun Oracle Labs. I also wrote installers, and a whole lot of Java. I wrote PHP, HTML, shell scripts, a little bit of C, etc. I'm handy with a soldering iron, an oscilliscope, and a little bit of other hardware-development type stuff. Not bad for a software guy. We pretty much invented the Internet of Things (IoT) and I'm one of those people that knows more about the IoT than anyone. I've certainly been doing it longer than almost anyone.

Sometimes I work on the Apache MyNewt project, but not that much anymore. It's a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) for the IoT and embedded devices. I developed a bunch of demos, went through and updated all of the documentation, and contributed to the base OS. I've also worked with some folks from Samsung ARTIK, The Eclipse Foundation and Red Hat to get the Kura IoT Gateway software running on an ARTIK-520. That went so well that I also got the OpenHAB gateway running on the ARTIK-520. As part of the whole thing, I solved a major problem for Samsung: How to back-up the ARTIK-520. And now Samsung's gone and killed ARTIK. All that work down the drain.

I'm also a passionate and talented technology evangelist, an accomplished and confident presenter (to everyone from highly technical audiences to CxO level executives) and an all-around jack-of-all-trades, technology-wise. James Gosling, the 'Father of Java' said about me: "He can carry an evangelical torch through the darkest of days with a steadfast vision. He believed in IoT long before it "was a thing". He does beautiful work.

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